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Governments Exist to Serve its Citizens

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Building a society that is conducive for your citizens to get an education, live life, and build wealth is not complicated (especially with countless case studies a.k.a other countries). Unfortunately, it is a fundamental role that the Nigerian government, which once had massive infrastructure, has failed to maintain and improve on in over 60 years. Going to secondary school, I would see kids that were younger than me not in school but instead, taking care of livestock or just hanging around by the community outside the school. That was about 18 years ago. Not much has changed from then to now. This means that in over 18 years, the Nigerian government has not figured out a way to educate/support these people in a real way. They haven't provided them with the necessary education and resources. They haven't taught them how to effectively take care of their livestock. Also, humans will do what they can to survive and if there are no legal jobs, people will turn to crime. This isn't a justification of this, it's just an acknowledgement of what happens. One of the fundamental responsibilities of a government is to create an environment that is stable enough for people to get rewarded for their hardwork. Provide resources to your citizens, establish a stable and reliable economy, pay people their salaries, and stop selling your encommy to other nations.

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