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Africa First

A stronger Africa could be one of the many solutions to help some of the many Black people within Africa and around the world that feel that the odds are always against them.

It is very unfortunate that a continent with so many resources is often looked down on. This could, in many ways, impact the way other people of color, especially Black people, are perceived around the world. As the continent with the highest Black population, Africa has a chance to contribute more to the world. It has the chance to change the negative perception that many Black communities face. Instead, Africa has been, and continues to be, used and pushed aside, in part because of the corruption that has infected our politics and economy. This makes it virtually impossible for the public and private sector to function.

Africa must do better. African leaders, politicians, elites, and others in power and those with the available resources must do better. It is imperative that we rise and stand against corrupt leaders that do not understand that a better Africa is better for them, their children and black people around the world. Until then, it is up to us, the people, to raise the profile of Africa.

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